Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Posted on 19 May 2018 (0)

Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Some things may seem common sense but they are not especially during a crisis. If something that puts your life at risk happens when traveling abroad, you may not know what to do. That’s why you need these safety tips to avoid confusion and exposing yourself to more risks. After having a conversation with a old travel friend of mine that loves to travel, and thanks to the success of his auto glass company in San Antonio, he was kind enough to express some helpful tips you can see below.

Be Informed

Know phone numbers, addresses, and directions to and from your workplace, residence, or in-country resources. Make sure that your friends and family know your location. You can even share your itinerary with them. Ensure that your loved ones know your travel plans so that they can help you better in the event of an emergency. What’s more, keep important information or documents safe while traveling. Be updated on the latest events by tuning in for the local news.

Avoid Trouble

Something like demonstrations, protests, and national crisis can happen in your destination. To ensure your safety, don’t involve yourself in such activities no matter how tempting they seems.

Contact Your Embassy if You Need Assistance

Your embassy should help you where possible if you land in trouble. For instance, it can help you locate medical help or find an attorney. Many countries have internship programs that work hard to make sure that participants are safe. Therefore, know the resources that you can access when traveling in a foreign country.

Keep Financial and Online Identity Safe

Phone companies and banks should be in the loop all the time. Therefore, inform them that you intend to travel out of the country. Only carry the necessary payment documents or ID. Take all precautions to ensure that you are not a victim of identity theft.

Be Cautious When Touring High Risk Areas

Always know your surrounding and be alert. This is particularly important when traveling to high risk areas. Trust your guts or instinct especially if you feel uncomfortable or shady about something.

Follow these common sense safety tips for travelers and you will be go on a trip to a foreign country and come back home safely.  


Does a Baby Ears Hurt When Flying

Posted on 07 October 2022 (0)

It is normal to have an ear-popping sensation when flying. Even in young kids and babies, it is the same and can be scary at first. But it is a standard part of flying. The uncomfortable sensation is related to the change in air pressure behind the eardrum. The Eustachian tube is a pathway that equalizes the air pressure in the middle ear to the outside air by opening and letting the air reach the eardrum. When our ears ‘pop’ when yawning or swallowing, these tubes adjust the air pressure in the middle ear.

In kids, the relatively narrow Eustachian may not do this well, especially if they are clogged with mucus from an ear infection or blocked by swollen adenoids.

When climbing a mountain, using an elevator, or even flying, the air pressure decreases as you go higher and increase as you go lower. If you don’t equalize the pressure, the higher air pressure pushes to one side of the eardrum, causing pain. That is why most babies cry the last few minutes in landing as the air pressure increases in the cabin and the airplane prepares to land.

However, this pain is temporary and will not cause lasting problems for the kid. It will ease a few minutes after the eustachian tube opens up to let the air pressure equalize on both sides of the eardrum.

If your child has ear problems, the doctor will usually recommend delayed flights, if possible, until the infection is gone. It will help your child avoid increased pain and possible tears in the eardrum.

How to Ease the Ear Pain

  • Have your kid drink plenty of water throughout the flight. It encourages swallowing, which opens up the Eustachian tubes.
  • Take ibuprofen half an hour before taking off and landing if your child has ear pain when landing.
  • Yawn frequently
  • Stay awake during take-offs and landings because keeping the air pressure equalized in the middle ear is harder.

Final Thoughts 

With the above tips and other simple precautions, you can now make your next family flight less stressful and comfortable for both you and your child. 

How to Start Traveling the World

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Traveling comes with great excitement but putting things together can be overwhelming if you have not been on the road. However, that should not be the case. The following article offers you the best tips for starting traveling the world. 

Get Proper Documentation 

A passport is one of the essential requirements for traveling the world. Besides, you may also need to obtain a visa based on the destinations you intend to visit and the duration of your trip. Apply for a visa long before your departure date. However, you can also book an appointment with your embassy in the destination country. 

Research About the Destination 

Traveling the world means you will be interacting with different cultures. Therefore, please do a little research to familiarize yourself with the countries you plan to visit the social norms and practices. That will facilitate easy interactions and enable you to make the most of your trip there. Besides, try to determine the best time of the year to visit the destination. Social media is a great way to connect with other travelers, learn more about different goals and get inspiration to travel the world. 

Create a Budget 

You do not need large sums of money to travel the world. You can still get the most exciting and memorable travel experiences on a low budget. However, plan things well beforehand. Consider your expenses for the trip, including airfares, accommodation, transportation, and others. Then, create a budget that covers all those expenses and miscellaneous. You may also want to do a little research to find budget airlines and hotels to cut costs. 

Traveling the world enables you to discover unique sights and sounds with endless adventures. The above guidelines can help you plan and prepare for the most fulfilling trips around the globe. 

Best Single Seniors Travel Destinations

Posted on 19 August 2021 (0)

You do not have to shelve your vacation aspirations because you have no travel companion or family. Whether you want to experience a unique adventure or heal from a divorce, traveling solo is quite liberating. It is an opportunity to have fun, learn and create profound memories, interacting with different cultures. Although there are many destinations that you can visit around the globe, the following are the best places for solo senior travelers. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand, has continued to attract single senior travelers from all over the world in recent years. More than 22 million people visit the destination annually. It boasts rich cultural experiences with incredible events, cuisines, floating markets, and shops. Bangkok also has multiple upscale restaurants and street food joints serving traditional Thai and exotic Western cuisines. 

Santorini, Greece 

Also, a popular vacation destination, Santorini, Greece, is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, sumptuous cuisines and wine, breathtaking sceneries, and fantastic nightlife. It is also home to ancient ruins with rich cultural experiences. Apart from the beaches, visitors can also experience Santorini by visiting the wineries, watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea, or trekking up the volcano. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is considered the most liberal city globally, with a laid-back ambiance for the best moments. It is famous for its vibrant Red Light District with several entertainment spots and coffee shops, where revelers can buy and enjoy legal marijuana. It also boasts an iconic art and cultural scene with multiple world-class museums. Amsterdam has a unique nightlife, featuring live music bars and laid-back jazz clubs for those seeking quiet moments away from the crowds.

Although the destinations discussed above should be at the top of your list, other suitable single seniors travel destinations too. You may also consider visiting Miami, Florida, Barcelona, Spain, and Havana, Cuba.

Tips for Traveling when Passport will Expire Soon

Posted on 23 December 2020 (0)

You can still take trips across the United States when your passport is about to expire. Some countries too such as Mexico will allow foreigners entry when their passports are about to expire, provided they are valid at the time of entry. However, that is not the same case in other countries. Here’s all you should know about traveling when your passport will soon expire. 

The Six Months Rule 

The Six Months Rule for passports is a common rule enforced by many countries around the world today. It requires that your passport should be valid for at least six months past the travel date. That is because immigration authorities do not only consider the passport expiration date when allowing foreigners to enter their borders but, also the duration of their stay. 

Most countries will allow foreigners to stay for up to 3 months without a visa. As a result, they often require at least 3 months’ validity on your passport past the date of departure. The Six Months Rule for passports is becoming prominent and many countries are adopting it. However, you should also check the specific guidelines for passport expiry dates for the host country before booking a trip. 

Passport Renewal 

If you are traveling internationally, having a passport that will soon expire is a time bomb just waiting to blow up. In case your passport will expire in less than six months from the departure date, passport renewal is the only option if you do not wish to jeopardize the trip. Besides, it is always advisable to start the process of passport renewal about eight months before the expiry date. 

If you are already on the road, the Department of State provides an expedited service through which you can renew your passport in the shortest time of 72 hours. However, you will have to pay more than the normal passport renewal fees due to the expedition charges.  

Although you can still travel with a passport that will expire soon, it is a risk not worth taking. If you cannot renew the passport before departure, initiate the process as soon as you get on the road to avoid disappointments. 

A Guide for Traveling when Pregnant During COVID 19

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the world, many pregnant women are increasingly having concerns over their safety to travel. In case you are planning to take a trip when pregnant during the coronavirus crisis, the following is a guide to ensure enjoyable adventures while also keeping you and your baby safe. 

Is it Safe to Fly When Pregnant?

According to health experts, it is safe for pregnant women to travel by air occasionally if they do not have any medical or obstetric complications. Many airlines today allow pregnant passengers to fly up to nine months. However, the best time to hop onto flights when pregnant is during the second trimester that occurs from 14 to 28 weeks. 

That is because during those times, your body is energized and the morning sickness had disappeared. Since most common pregnancy complications occur during the first and third trimesters, you are advised to avoid traveling in those periods. 

Preparations before Traveling 

Before you even start packing, you should visit your doctor and discuss with them about the travel plans. They will examine you to determine your safety to travel. If your pregnancy has no complications, they will advise on how to conduct yourself during the trip and maybe provide medications. 

It is also advisable to contact your airline and reserve a comfortable seat. Even if the trip will only last a few days, you should also have proper travel insurance. Travel insurance will enable you to get immediate and proper assistance in case of any medical emergency. 

Take Precautions 

While some countries have started reporting a drop in the COVID-19 infections, the threat is still quite alive in most parts of the work. Thus, make sure that you observe all the required measures for preventing the infection like social distancing throughout the journey. In case of any suspect any symptoms of illness, seek immediate medical attention. 

It is normal to have concerns about traveling when pregnant during the COVID-19 crisis but, you can still experience amazing adventures if you prepare well and take the necessary precautions.