Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Posted on 19 May 2018 (0)

Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Some things may seem common sense but they are not especially during a crisis. If something that puts your life at risk happens when traveling abroad, you may not know what to do. That’s why you need these safety tips to avoid confusion and exposing yourself to more risks. After having a conversation with a old travel friend of mine that loves to travel, and thanks to the success of his auto glass company in San Antonio, he was kind enough to express some helpful tips you can see below.

Be Informed

Know phone numbers, addresses, and directions to and from your workplace, residence, or in-country resources. Make sure that your friends and family know your location. You can even share your itinerary with them. Ensure that your loved ones know your travel plans so that they can help you better in the event of an emergency. What’s more, keep important information or documents safe while traveling. Be updated on the latest events by tuning in for the local news.

Avoid Trouble

Something like demonstrations, protests, and national crisis can happen in your destination. To ensure your safety, don’t involve yourself in such activities no matter how tempting they seems.

Contact Your Embassy if You Need Assistance

Your embassy should help you where possible if you land in trouble. For instance, it can help you locate medical help or find an attorney. Many countries have internship programs that work hard to make sure that participants are safe. Therefore, know the resources that you can access when traveling in a foreign country.

Keep Financial and Online Identity Safe

Phone companies and banks should be in the loop all the time. Therefore, inform them that you intend to travel out of the country. Only carry the necessary payment documents or ID. Take all precautions to ensure that you are not a victim of identity theft.

Be Cautious When Touring High Risk Areas

Always know your surrounding and be alert. This is particularly important when traveling to high risk areas. Trust your guts or instinct especially if you feel uncomfortable or shady about something.

Follow these common sense safety tips for travelers and you will be go on a trip to a foreign country and come back home safely.  


Should I Spend My Money on Travel?

Posted on 30 March 2020 (0)

Scientific research has shown that people who spend their money on experiences rather than material things live happier lives. Even doctors recommend traveling as an incredible therapy to patients with conditions such as depression and anxiety. But, there is so much more that can still be achieved from spending your money on trips. The following are additional reasons why you should travel more. 

Traveling Teaches You More Than Money Can Buy 

While most people consider knowledge to only come from educational institutions, traveling offers a wide range of experiences that you could never get sitting in a classroom or listening to lectures. Traveling offers you a one-on-one experience with unique cultures, environments, climates, events, and activities. 

Whenever you travel, you also learn how to cope with different people and deal with some of the most overwhelming situations in life. You could also learn new hobbies and career skills while traveling. All those experiences will go a long way in bringing the best out of you. Traveling may not give you fancy degrees but, plenty of life-changing experiences. 

Traveling Pays Big Too 

Why worry about spending money on the road when you can still make more traveling? Today, traveling is not just a way to spend money but, make more of it too. There are many money-making opportunities for travelers that you too can take advantage of whenever you wish. An example of such opportunities is about travel photography or blogging. 

Besides, there are also plenty of freelance online jobs that you can still do from the comfort of your hotel room while on vacation. Most of those jobs do not require much experience and qualifications. For just a few hours a day, you could easily recover the money spent on the entire trip. 

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to spend your money experiencing the world. Traveling is one of the few gifts that keep giving; allowing you endless opportunities to have fun, acquire new experiences, make more money and enrich different aspects of your life. 

Tips for Traveling with Expensive Jewelry

Posted on 29 November 2019 (0)

There are a several myths about traveling with expensive jewelry that have discouraged many people from packing them during trips. Some fear that they can easily get stolen while others also say that expensive jewelry can easily get damaged during travel. Although those incidences might occur, they are not enough reasons to prevent you from bringing your expensive pieces on the next trip. Check out the following tips for traveling with expensive jewelry. 

List All the Pieces to Pack 

As much as you would want to flaunt your unique sense of class and elegance, you do not have to carry all the expensive jewelry in your closet. Depending on the purpose of the trip and the kind of look that you will need to present, decide on the particular pieces that will be required. Make a list of all the jewelry that you will carry and, use it as the guide for packing. The list will also help with confirming if all the pieces are packed before and after the trip. 

Wear It On

If you are traveling with just one or two pieces of expensive jewelry, putting them on is a great way to avoid all the stress of packing and constant worries that they may have been lost. When you have the jewelry on, you are sure that they are indeed safe. 

Keep Expensive Jewelry in Carry-on 

As the name suggests, expensive jewelry comes at higher prices that will leave you devastated in case they get lost on the way. Due to the high risks of luggage lose and tampering associated with checked baggage, it is advisable to keep your valuable pieces in the carry-on. That will ensure that the jewelry remains with you at all times. 

Act Normal 

Expensive jewelry will no doubt impact instant attention, which could be risky in areas prone to burglary and crime. To avoid unwanted attention, try to conceal your jewelry and go on with your itinerary normally as you would without them. Observe general travel safety precautions. 

The only risk in traveling with expensive jewelry is not knowing how to pack them and constantly flaunting them to everyone that you meet. The above tips for traveling with jewelry will assist you with proper packing and, also ensure their safety during the trip. 

Tips for Traveling when You Have Diabetes

Posted on 19 July 2019 (0)

Similar to other lifestyle diseases, diabetes has a number of unpleasant symptoms that can ruin the experience of a traveler. However, having diabetes should not stop you from taking that long anticipated trip. With a proper diabetes management plan, comprehensive travel plan and a little effort, you can still create lasting memories around the world. The following guidelines can help you get the most of every trip when you have diabetes.

Pre-Travel Preparations

Before you leave for the trip, there are some basics that need to be taken care of for convenience and safety. Foremost, make a trip to the doctor to discuss your plans of traveling. After a proper assessment, the doctor will tell you if you are fit for travel or not. Your health provider will also provide any necessary medications and health advice including where to get help in case of medical emergency and options for health or travel insurance.

To keep the diabetes under control, remember to also pack all your medications with extras. Your carry-on bag should be stuffed with the frequently used prescriptions, healthy snacks and water. The same goes for diabetes management equipment like your blood sugar monitor and insulin pump. It is also recommended to check with your airline if they have any special requirements for diabetic passengers.

Guidelines to Observe when on the Road

Once you are on the flight, car, train or cruise ship, try to focus on the positives of the trip and take good care of yourself. Eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of water on the road to keep you energized and hydrated. It can be hard to stick to your diet and eating routine when traveling but, at least try not to delay meals so much. Eat healthy and keep your medication routine. In case you are on a long flight, short walks and stretches across the airport during stops can help with improving blood circulation and relaxation.

Having diabetes does not mean you cannot explore the world. With the above tips, proper advance planning and an open mind, you will be able to experience the most fulfilling adventures around the world.


How Travel Helps With Recovery from Drug Addiction

Posted on 28 April 2019 (0)

How Travel Helps With Recovery from Drug Addiction

The road to recovery from drug addiction is paved with numerous challenges and, even the slightest shift of focus could have dire consequences. Healthy activities like traveling are usually recommended to keep drug addicts focused on recovery. In fact, there are many ways travelling can help with recovery from drug addiction. The following are reasons why recovering drug addicts should travel often.

Transforms Perspective

Traveling introduces you to new environments, people and experiences that can significantly help with giving a different view of not only yourself but, life in general. Interacting with new people and staying active when on trips also instills confidence, which helps with enhancing self esteem. Traveling enables you to have an open mind, which is crucial to recovery.

A Sense of Direction

As a recovering drug addict, it is always important that you have a set of clear goals to achieve consistently so as to stay focused. Traveling will require you to come up with a plan on places to tour, activities to engage in and other aspects of the trip. Being able to plan and execute a successful trip will no doubt provide a sense of direction, hence improving your recovery.

Opportunities for Learning New Skills and Hobbies

Through traveling, you will have lots of chances for new discoveries to enhance your talents and also learn new ones. Traveling enables to learn firsthand how other people survive in different environments, what motivates them and other important life lessons. From these experiences, you will be able to make significant improvements in your recovery.

A New Look

When on the road, you start getting used to new weather, food, environments, languages, cultures and even your daily schedule changes. These small changes create a bold impression that makes you feel and look new after coming from trips. Traveling gives you an opportunity to make new memories and be the person that you want to become after recovery.

As a recovering drug addict, there is no doubt traveling can help you make incredible life improvements. But, successful recovery requires effort, commitment and discipline.


Why Traveling is better than Tourism

Posted on 03 December 2018 (0)

People mix up tourism and travel in conversations. However, travel is different from tourism. Tourism is an activity that has more economical implications than recreational implications. It involves visiting other locations that are mostly famous and populated and staying in possibly luxurious and fancy hotels. You take photos and spend a lot of money when you go touring.

On the other hand, traveling is about observing beautiful places and people. It entails exploring and learning about the habits of other people and getting ideas. You take time to enjoy views of beautiful, natural landscapes when you travel. Of course, these two can be mixed up in conversations but here are some of the reasons why traveling is better than tourism.

Less Expensive

Traveling entails taking cheep rides, camping, and staying hostels. In most cases, travelers pay entry fees only and probably for the foods they eat when they travel. On the other hand, tourists spend a lot of money to stay in fancy hotels and for transportation.

Better Experience

Traveling leads to unpopulated, amazing places. Tourism on the other hand is about going to popular, crowded places. Generally, travelers take less populated paths because they want to enjoy views of spectacular landscapes and moments of solitude. This gives travelers better experiences.

Travelers are Unique

Tourists tend to see famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and probably take a ride in the Venice Gondola. However, everybody does this all the time. On the other hand, a traveler is original. They do things that attract them not what everybody else does.


Traveling is more adventurous than tourism. When traveling, you take steps that lead to discoveries. However, tourists are generally predictable. When traveling, you look for ways to learn and explore. You want to see new things and enjoy new experiences. Most tourists go to specific places and stay there until the time to go back home.

Traveling provides better, deeper experiences than tourism. So, if you have always been a tourist, become a traveler to enjoy more enriching experiences.