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Tips for Traveling with Expensive Jewelry

Posted on 29 November 2019 by (0)

There are a several myths about traveling with expensive jewelry that have discouraged many people from packing them during trips. Some fear that they can easily get stolen while others also say that expensive jewelry can easily get damaged during travel. Although those incidences might occur, they are not enough reasons to prevent you from bringing your expensive pieces on the next trip. Check out the following tips for traveling with expensive jewelry. 

List All the Pieces to Pack 

As much as you would want to flaunt your unique sense of class and elegance, you do not have to carry all the expensive jewelry in your closet. Depending on the purpose of the trip and the kind of look that you will need to present, decide on the particular pieces that will be required. Make a list of all the jewelry that you will carry and, use it as the guide for packing. The list will also help with confirming if all the pieces are packed before and after the trip. 

Wear It On

If you are traveling with just one or two pieces of expensive jewelry, putting them on is a great way to avoid all the stress of packing and constant worries that they may have been lost. When you have the jewelry on, you are sure that they are indeed safe. 

Keep Expensive Jewelry in Carry-on 

As the name suggests, expensive jewelry comes at higher prices that will leave you devastated in case they get lost on the way. Due to the high risks of luggage lose and tampering associated with checked baggage, it is advisable to keep your valuable pieces in the carry-on. That will ensure that the jewelry remains with you at all times. 

Act Normal 

Expensive jewelry will no doubt impact instant attention, which could be risky in areas prone to burglary and crime. To avoid unwanted attention, try to conceal your jewelry and go on with your itinerary normally as you would without them. Observe general travel safety precautions. 

The only risk in traveling with expensive jewelry is not knowing how to pack them and constantly flaunting them to everyone that you meet. The above tips for traveling with jewelry will assist you with proper packing and, also ensure their safety during the trip.