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Why Traveling is better than Tourism

Posted on 03 December 2018 by (0)

People mix up tourism and travel in conversations. However, travel is different from tourism. Tourism is an activity that has more economical implications than recreational implications. It involves visiting other locations that are mostly famous and populated and staying in possibly luxurious and fancy hotels. You take photos and spend a lot of money when you go touring.

On the other hand, traveling is about observing beautiful places and people. It entails exploring and learning about the habits of other people and getting ideas. You take time to enjoy views of beautiful, natural landscapes when you travel. Of course, these two can be mixed up in conversations but here are some of the reasons why traveling is better than tourism.

Less Expensive

Traveling entails taking cheep rides, camping, and staying hostels. In most cases, travelers pay entry fees only and probably for the foods they eat when they travel. On the other hand, tourists spend a lot of money to stay in fancy hotels and for transportation.

Better Experience

Traveling leads to unpopulated, amazing places. Tourism on the other hand is about going to popular, crowded places. Generally, travelers take less populated paths because they want to enjoy views of spectacular landscapes and moments of solitude. This gives travelers better experiences.

Travelers are Unique

Tourists tend to see famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and probably take a ride in the Venice Gondola. However, everybody does this all the time. On the other hand, a traveler is original. They do things that attract them not what everybody else does.


Traveling is more adventurous than tourism. When traveling, you take steps that lead to discoveries. However, tourists are generally predictable. When traveling, you look for ways to learn and explore. You want to see new things and enjoy new experiences. Most tourists go to specific places and stay there until the time to go back home.

Traveling provides better, deeper experiences than tourism. So, if you have always been a tourist, become a traveler to enjoy more enriching experiences.